Spada Wellness Center Cubao

SPADA WELLNESS CENTER CUBAO is located at P. Tuazon Street Cubao Quezon City. It is just beside Flying V at 15th Avenue.
RATING: 3 Stars

I’ve been to this place twice already. The first time was purely unplanned. I was supposed to be going to Caliraya in Lumban Laguna with some office mates but the trip was cancelled at the last minute. Left with out nothing to do for the rest of that early rainy day on February, I decided to look for a SPA to get myself some good massage. As it was still quite early in the morning, I eliminated the idea of finding a Mall with a SPA already open for business. Since I was en route to Project 4 Quezon City, I thought of scouting for a SPA around Cubao area. That’s when I discovered SPADA WELLNESS CENTER CUBAO!

When I stepped inside the SPA, I was a bit dismayed to find the receptionist actually fast asleep on the couch. The reception area looks very cozy though. Well maybe that’s the same reason why the poor receptionist couldn’t help herself but take her forty winks right where clients should be welcomed. Anyway, I took the liberty of waking her up. And she immediately went on to do her usual sales pitch.

Sounding like she has indeed mastered her spiels, and finding it to be very effective, she right away suggested that I try LINGAM MASSAGE. She was very convincing! I gave it no further thought. I tried the said massage.

After paying 900 Php – the cost for the service with full body wash – I was immediately escorted to the locker area. While stripping myself bare to put on the standard red robe, I was actually very excited on the thought of choosing my therapist. In my mind, I already have a picture of what my therapist must look like. I was hoping to find someone who is young looking and chinito. Unfortunately, the choosing my own masahista part DID NOT HAPPENED!

I was again disenchanted when I was told that I shall be assigned a therapist. My masahista was not what I envisioned him to be, but infairness he was good enough.

I was then escorted to the second floor where the “rooms” are. Actually its not a real room. It’s just a small area separating other “rooms” with a thin red curtain. There is also mattress on the floor. It was very dark. The only source of light was coming from the lobby. I was first asked to take a rest. The therapist, who by the way introduced himself as: THEO, told me that he will be back after a few minutes. The “few minutes” felt like forever. When Theo did came back, he told me we were going up to the 4th floor for the shower. At that point I got thrilled.

Theo actually looks better inside the shower room! Thanks to the light. At this point, Theo was already wearing almost nothing but a short. Anyway, the full body scrub was really an experience. It was actually my first time in my adult life that I actually have somebody scrubbing my body! It was very sensual! I actually liked it! Specially so because it was Theo doing it. I love the proportion of his body by the way.

After the full body scrub came the much awaited LINGAM MASSAGE! It did not disappoint! The receptionist surely knows what she was saying! Theo also knows what he was doing! So, I discovered what the massage was all about! It’s the usual massage that you get except that its far more sensual! It focused on the erogenous parts of the body! Theo did a great job! And so, when he asked if we go all the way, I did not bat an eyelash! I went for it! And Theo was the best! It was really a HAPPY ENDING!

I gave Theo something extra ofcourse, and the extra amount was pretty fair! Before leaving, Theo gave me his number. ( I’m willing to share the number. Just Leave me a comment or email me. ) I left SPADA WELLNESS CENTER CUBAO, with a big smile and the thought of wanting to come back again!

The second time was when my cousin who has been working in Saudi Arabia for years and years went home for a vacation last April. He wanted some good relaxing time. So I suggested that we go to SPADA WELLNESS CENTER CUBAO. I was selling the establishment based on the first experience. Unfortunately, the second time I went there with my cousin fell short on expectation!

Though the receptionist was wide awake when we arrived, the choosing your own therapist part was still not in place. The masahistas assigned to us were both better of working in the nearby gasoline station. Not only that they did not look good either with dim light or bright light in the shower room, most importantly the massage wasn’t that good! I did not feel anything at all. I just felt like Mang Isidro, the Manghihilot in our province, doing his usual hilot. And by the way, the full body scrub also disappointed me. There was nothing there!

When the masahista asked if we go all the way, I tried to politely refuse. I was in a hurry to hear what my cousin would say. And I was dying to get out of there. When  I met my cousin at the lobby, he was expressionless. I right away understood what that means. When we stepped out of the establishment, that’s when we saw Theo. He was just about to start his shift. I should have texted him first. Tsk!

Well, with the first experience being very good and the second one being a disappointment, I consider SPADA WELLNESS CENTER CUBAO, still worthy for a third chance! If you are around Cubao area, you might want to try this place out! Look for Theo though. Cheers!

Below is a list of the services that SPADA WELLNESS CENTER offers. A very big thank you to Sir LR for the brochure.

Spada Wellness Center

* Click here to read about my experience in: Blu Seventh Spa.

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  1. felipe sequera said:

    olga pls send to my email the # of theo from spada spa, im interested on him

    • Felipe, thanks for dropping by The Karug Gallery. Sadly, I no longer have Theo’s active number. But don’t worry, I’ll try visiting Spada again to ask. ;)

  2. sa jon jai thai massage meron din extra servise HJ nga lang 500 pero pag minsan tumatanggap din cla 300 after massage nag oofer cla.lalo na mga male massuer,

  3. Hey Olga… it’s been a long time…miss our conversations here…

    Ayun na nga… i’ve tried the Heavenly Touch Spa… woooaakkk The Best ang line up ng mga topless the boys… target ko sana either si ian or aries…ang sikat na magkapatid ns talagang mabenta sa sites… but i was able to get justine…yummyyy super perfect body… chest…abs…pubic hair…karug…wow…yummy…though di pa siya marunong magmassage… es is ok…siguro mga 8/10… di ko alam masyado kasi parang niyakap ko lang siya magdamag…he asked me pa if magpapalabas daw ba siya…i said kahit wag na…hug nalang kita…hehe…

  4. Thanks Olga for the info but i have decided not to avail of this service kasi when i was asking the therapist so many questions /terms he texted back saying ang kulit niyo rin sir ano po. Of course i have to be makulit kasi you are spending hard earned money di naman pinupulot ang pera noh. id rather spend that amount for a good cause and helping others.

  5. Olga do you have an idea if how much is the rate of a therapist if you avail of hotel or home service?

  6. Olga,

    Free ka ba ngayon? Spa tayo :D


  7. Ayun nga Olga…rd ko today…nagpunta ako gateway to get my phone na nga…hehe around 10am…instead of riding to a bus na mas malapit bababaan papunta gateway…nag jeep ako para matanaw ko ang mga spa…hehe…sarado ang eaglenest at natures green…pero hindi ako nabigo sa heavenly touch…tatlong guys…nasa magkakatabing nakadungaw…nang naka brief lang…wooooaaahhhh…buti di ako natukso bumaba…hahaha…

  8. Hello Olga…
    …galing ako sa globe event kanina sa launch ng iphone5s…dami yummy na promodizer…sarap sarap nila…huhuhu…dami models ng ibat ibang sponsors…puro macho, matanglad…as in the word yummy is not enough…hehehe…pasyensya na Olga…tag-L lang… Lolz…

  9. Olga,
    So far naman I have not yet experienced being harrassed and if ever sana huwag naman that happens to me ill report them to the owner or address my complaint to the management.

  10. Olga ok naman ang mga therapist nila dun courteous saka maasikaso naman kaya lang di maiiwasn na meron din iba na masyado mag demand ng tip. Pagkaganun ang therapist i try to avoid him the next time i go there. What do you mean by nangbabakal.

  11. Ok naman ang favilities ng bayleaf.

  12. Aldrin Bayleaf is located in front of capitol Medical center along quezon ave near the footbridge signature massage is 800 includes bodywash and sensual massage me blogpost si olga dito.

  13. Hehe Olga nagkataon lang na kabisado ko yun around kamuning kasi sa eastwood ako work … so 4yrs dun lagi daan ko papasok… kaya tanaw ko lagi mga kalakakihan sa spa… such as Heavenly Touch, Eaglenest Spa, Unlimitedmen Spa and Natures Green Spa… lagi sila nasa labas topless…minsan naka boxer lang…pang akit ba…hehe…

    • At Olga if Karug ang hanap mo…naku baka maging “eat all karug you can” ang peg mo dun sa dami…haha…as in…daig pa unli rice…pero still sana mkuha ko cla ian at aries ng heavenly touch… yummy sila…may pic nila ako..dq lang alam pano mailagay here…

    • Aldrin,

      Sarap naman nun! Naka topless and minsan naka boxers lang! Gusto ko yung may happy trail. Hehehehe. Saan ka sa Eastwood? Dun din ako eh.


      • Sa 1880 bldg ako…sa harap ng chapel…hehehe…at ung mga katawan nila tipong kahit pawis di mo sasayangin haha…ang yuck lang ng pinagsasabi ko…pero admit it…pag anjan na sa harap mo…for sure…kung pwede mo lng sya dilaan at lunukin ng buo…haha

        • Aldrin,

          Nag 1880 din ako before. Now sa MDC Bldg na ako. Oo nga eh. There are boys na mas masarap simsimin kapag sweaty! I love smelling their armpits too. I love good smelling armpit!


  14. Aldrin baka you want to try Bayleaf Spa or Spaoay in Timog pero dont give in to their demands if they ask for a higher tip dapat reasonable lang.

  15. Aldrin 2k is way too expensive for ES sana sinabi mo 500 ang pera mo take it or leave it andami na matutulungan na ibang tao na talagang nangangailangan yan 2K.

  16. I went to SPADA PASAY lately and chose this rather than cubao because of its distance from Makati. I am so glad of the 24/7 thing which is so favorable to me as night shift agent. I went there in the morning and had my Lingam with a male masseur and the receptionist gave me Shun. This 9/10 handsome boy who looks like 16yo ( but he said e’s 21) gave me an excellent massage. They kept on training daily to improve their skills. ES is up to you but he really gave me the full massage first thus the respect and everthing is worth my money and time. Nice blog Olga!

    • Engelow,

      I like to meet Shun too. Thanks for dropping by.


      • Hello Olga…just went there last sunday… i got Daiki… his goodlooking… the body is tama lang… the massage puro pindot at himas lang though nag effort talaga siya…kasi talagang sulit yung 1hr and 40min. Talagang focus siya sa mga parts na minamasahe niya…at ayun eto na nga sa release portion… unang price… 8k! Hanep makataga diba…though it end up sa 2k… still big amount of money with ofcourse touching his tool…skin to skin…though walang suck na naganap… ngayun katext ko siya…though i think hindi na ako babalik…kc 1200k for linggam plus total 3200 na yun..kaya ko makakuha ng all the way worth 2k lng…gwapo pa…

        • Aldrin,

          Thanks fr sharing your experience in Spada. That amount you paid is quite a lot of money for ES! Honestly, 500 lang ang bigay ko for ES. Take it or leave it. I cant blame you kung di ka na babalik next time. Thanks for sharing your story.


          • Actually di rin siya matatawag na ES… kasi nagbayad ako for the HJ… ni hindi ko nakita yung kanya…though hinawakan ko at pinasok ko kamay ko sa napaka ubod ng sikip na brief kaya ang hirap… :-) still…parang di ako satisfied…though iba pala talaga ang linggam…kakabitin lang…sino pa ba olga na ok sa linggam at 500 lang. Siguro tinaasan ung price sakin dahil alam niyang first time ko dun :-(

            • Aldrin,

              Most of them okay naman. Dapat kasi hindi na dinidiscuss yung presyo. Kapag nag ask kasi kung how much, thats when they know na newbie yung client. ;)


              • Ah ganun pala style… katakot lang kasi pag di malinaw usapan baka singilin ako ng napakamahal..may ganun na kc ako experience…. 800 usapan…ending bigla ako siningil ng 5k. Kesyo mg iiskandalo daw siya or se prisinto na kami magkita…hays… thanks olga sa response…

                • Aldrin,

                  Naku eh nananakot lang yan! Sa totoo lang din naman, takot din sila maiskandalo! Hay mga oportunista talaga minsan ang mga lalaki. Dito nga sa amin madamimga bagets na very affordable. Gagawin nila ang lahat. Then maliit na halaga langkeri na.


  17. Tyrone villar said:

    Can I have theo mobile number? Thanks bro!

  18. thanks, olga

  19. hi! olga wala na po sa boytoy si jeard earl Garcia

  20. joeschmoe said:

    i would really like to go back @olga kaso nga lang ayoko ng feeling na parang hinoholdap ako sa pera ko dun. grabe maka singil mga masseur so sino ba dito ang ok na masseur yung hindi habol ang pera? i dont wanna repeat the same mistake of having a therapist na grabe makapaningil pero having the linggam is truly worth it? i mean it’s hard earned money and sana i intend to spend it na feeling ko makukuha ko ang money’s worth ko not 1.5k for a mere HJ sana nag sarili nlang ako

  21. hi i was in bay leaf in quezon ave recently i had this masseur named christian , im very disappointed kasi although he is cute kaya lang you cannot touch him. OMG,

  22. not theboynextdoor said:

    Hi, ben this afternoon, un n b ung massage prang ambilis, bnugbog lng nman ako, tpos dun s sensitive part saglit lng…ES 1k BJ and smack lng,nag pigil nlng ako para d agad matapos. not recommendable

  23. Hello Olga… First of all, thx much for the very comprehensive reviews about Spada. Thx too for your followers who likewise shared their experience. Been seeing this Spada since last year every time I visit Phils. Born and raised pinoy po ko, but I’m a permanent resident in Singapore. After reading all the posts last night, I finally decided to end my curiosity and just give it a try.

    I agree that the reception was (in a way) decent, in relation to the usual gay massage centres in Phils. However, facilities wise, it’s totally not up to my expectations. It certainly didn’t come close to the gay massage centres in Singapore (modesty aside).

    First, the shower area (where the guy did the body wash) was a total disappointment. I thought that there will be dedicated wash area/room where a proper “shower” bed is provided. Wala po’ng ganun, nakatayo lang ako while doing the body wash. In Singapore, when the massage centre offers body wash, there is bed na nakadapa or nakahiga ka while doing the body wash. Other centres even install shower heads/knobs above the “shower” bed.

    Second, the cubicles are indeed not “cubicles” at all. It’s just sections of mattresses separated by curtains. I can clearly hear the conversation of the customer next to my (so-called) cubicle. Sa Singapore, they provide a very decent cubicle size. Ung place na lagi ko’ng pinupuntahan (called Bodylite) even has a door and a proper massage bed. Other centres though will only have curtains as the door and also provides mattresses. But at least, the cubicle size is decent and the places are really well done up: malinis, well decorated, organized.

    Third, the therapist who attended to me (called Nash, as he claims) was at least very polite. Although he has a big tummy, curly hair, and he’s a typical dodong. To be fair with him, his massage is not bad and he was not very persistent in terms of “release” fee. At first he asked Php1.5k from me. I said I only brought Php500. He then bargained to Php1k. I again said that I only brought Php500 and since it’s not his asking price, I’ll just forego of the “release” session and will just book him again next time. He eventually conceded to Php500 + additional Php100 tip for the massage. I agreed… Again, he still gave me a good a jerk-off moment. In Singapore, the therapists are (mostly) well built and presentable looking (at the very least). Their therapists are either local Singaporeans, Malaysians, China Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Myanmese, or Pinoys. So in terms of choices, I can choose from a wide range of nationalities, hehe… I can usually get a handjob without an extra charge, and the therapists will allow me to suck them off. Most of the therapists in Singapore are bis though. So most of the time, I get all the way extra service FOC (free of charge). There’s one Singaporean therapist who allowed me to fuck him at no extra charge. All the others will usually jerk me off but they allow me to suck them till they cum. On another occasion, this Malaysian therapist fucked me but he asked for $30 = Php900 +/-. He fucked me in the body wash area, before doing the body scrub. There’s this other Malaysian therapist who jerked me off after the massage, and jerked me another time while doing the body scrub. After finishing the scrub, he sucked me while toweling me dry, hahaha!

    Anyways, Spada is still considerably decent as compared to all the gay nassage centres here in Phils. At least they took the first step (i suppose) in upgrading the quality of gay massage centres here. I really hope the sooner or later, gay massage centres here will start to have better facilities. Actually I’m thinking of starting one, hahaha… Maybe to give you all the idea how Singapore gay massage centres look like, you can browse thru this links if you time. These are just some of the centres I’ve been to.

    Thanks all for your attention… :)

  24. Ano number ni theo?

  25. joeschmoe said:

    hi again guys. especially to ms. olga

    i went to spada spa again in cubao this afternoon. since it was my restday and yet i still had to go to work for a meeting i thought of having a massage after. since i think i deserve a little pa-consuelo for working.
    as usual, i walked-in the spa and there a male therapist greeted me and thought i’d be paying in cash pero when he i said ill be using my card he called for the receptionist which was surprisingly sleeping behind the counter. he had to wake her up since the therpist didnt know how to swipe or charge cards. it took the receptionist awhile to wake up di ko alam kung matatawa ako or maiinis kasi nakahilata lang sya.

    therapist: pano yan mam may client mag ccard?
    receptionist: huh? client? ZZZzzzzzzzz
    T: ayan oh!
    R: san? ZZzzzzz
    T: ayan si sir, naghihintay
    R: ZZZZzzzzzz (sabay tindig)

    hayun usual explanation na P1395 i said i know…then yun was escorted to the cubicle after changing.

    ito na… i got a glimpse of my therspist, he’s tall, kinda good looking his name is syke or spike? ewan basta yun. he’s new daw 1 month pero ewan ko kung new sa business or new sa branch though he came from spada las pinas. he’s like isang tanong isang sagot pero nevertheless he mAssages good nakakrelax naman. he said na kakadating lang nya pero pauwi nadin sya kasi may nilakad daw siya sa pasay so ako una niyang client for the day kumbaga una and last for the day. i felt that the linggam part was kinda hurried compared to the first experience i had. he fondled it then pinatuwad na nya ako then pinatihaya na. then sabay tanong “release nba natin” i said magkano…

    me: magkano?
    syke: sir diba naka 1250 na kau? gawin niyo na 2k.
    me: so bale mga 700+ nalang ddagdag ko?
    syke: hindi po 2k nga po.
    me: (napatayo ako agad as in. from lying position NAPAUPO ako and starled) 2k kamo? ano yan ginto?
    S: minassage ko naman kau ng maayos and linggam na natin hanggan lumabas.
    Me: aba malamang binayaran ko yan
    S: sige na sir tip monadin sakin yun
    Me: hindi 500 lang mabibigay ko
    S: sige sir 1500
    Me: 500 nga di kba nakakintindi (nagsisimula na kumulo dugo ko nagiinit na ulo)\
    S: ginalingan ko naman masahe
    me: sa 1.5k niroromansa nako ng lalake and never pako nagbayad ng ganyan halaga para magpalabas.
    s: sige na sir may hipo na yan and patitigasin ko
    me: talaga lang ah? bakit? kaya ko naman yan sa halagang 500. fine 1k nalang take it or leave it
    S: 1.5k (tang ina persistent si gago eh…ayaw magpa haggle)
    me: punyeta sige na. OO! pero tandaan mo ito na ang una at huli natin.
    S: sige na sir friends na tau kunin niyo number ko pagtapos
    me: ulol wag na.

    *in the end pumayag nadin ako makaraos lang. reggie lang si kuya pero tang ina nanggagalaliti ako I FELT CHEATED…AS IN SANA NANAKAWAN NALANG AKO SHIT! DI KO KASALANAN NA AKO LANG KLIYENTE NYA. AT NAGNGNGAWITWIRAN pa na gagalingan pa nya, and patitigasin and nagmasahe sya ABA PUTA MALAMANG TRABAHO NIYA MAG MASAHE AT MAG BODY WASH. I SPENT 1395PHP and would get a fucking complain. kesyo daw he;s not complaining pero feel ko na nagrrant sya and napipilitan sya and sinasbai niya na minimum daw is 1.5 tang ina sino niloko nya. i felt cheated talaga.

    so nilabasan na ako. nagsisis ako sa huli na pumyag padin ako. mahina ang katawan lupa ko so i agreed for a hipo + hj for 1.5k puta! sana naghire nalang ako ng model sa mga sites…mas magaling pa at titirahin kpa.! i’m so disapointed with his attitude and with his demeanor and reason.

    so body wash time came and i said. i was ranting na nagisisi ako na pumayaga ako gagawin ko nalang 1k.

    me: 1k nalang ah
    S: sir di pwede yun pumyag ka naman diba
    Me: oo
    S: ibig sabihin bukal sa loob mo tumupad ka sa usapan.
    ME: fine pero ito na una’t huli mo
    S: di mo nako kukunin…..?
    me: aba malamang lakas mo managa ng presyo para yun lang

    hayun he tried jerking me off with round 2 nakkatenpt sya kasi may itsura…john lloyd na pina morena ng onti and cute sya. pero putangina talaga! 1.5k for a fucking simple task. ako lang daw yung client na nagrereklamo. and i even said na may forum and ill broadcast what he did. but he doesnt believe me that there is such a thing.,…

    after the wash. i went down and changed

    handed him muna 1k and would like to see his reaction. aba..umaangal tlga sia kuyya…taena! 1.5 daw tlga..pumayag naman daw ako!


    looks: 8/10 may istura tlga sya infairview

    massage: 7.5/10 i feel like it waS kinda hurried compared to the first i had. pero relaxing naman

    attitude: 0/10 tangina mo kupal ka! pssweet talk kpa na kesyo di client turing nya kundi friend. ULOL GAGO!

    price of release: 1.5k may tawad nya yun ah!

    linggam: 7/10 it was again hurried like the massage.

    rehireability: NO FUCKING WAY!

    so girls…pplease beware of this masseur…lesson learned. i regret of agreeing sa release na 1.5k but i cudnt help it. mahina nga ako. so i was so eager to explode and…kaya had no chocie but after which nagsisi ako. that was hard earned money and di ko matanggap na mas mataas daily raTE nya kesa sakin. tangina simple handjob at hipo 1.5k isang bagsakan agad! fuck…im sorry for cursing pero i hope everyone would feel my frustration. id like to go back again to check out more therapists..pero not now…for now balik ako sa seven senses spa. buti dun 500 minimum and aware mga therapists.


  26. joeschmoe said:

    hi everyone. i’d like to share my experience with spada spa cubao.
    i went there around 2pm-ish and the female receptionist greeted me and i was browsing at the laminated card of the services offered she persuaded me to get the linggam massage. it was my first time so and was really curious on what linggam is. I am a spa fanatic so i really know to critic a good massage. i got the blossom 5 which was linggam massage with body wash amounting to 1250php, i had little cash at hand so i had to use my credit card…it’s nice that they accept cards but downside is that youll need to pay extra so instead of 1250php…i paid 1395php, she said that it had additional charge which i really didnt understand. it’s weird. anyway i didnt argue. a guy in casual clothes escorted me the the locker area/changing area and handed me the red robe and towel. i was expecting that lcokers would have a lock but unfortunately they use PADLOCKS. after changing the guy escorted me up to the 2nd floor and showed me the cubicle, told em to wait for the therapist. mattresses are on the floor, and curtains were improvised as dividers. it’s kinda transluscent so you kinda get to peek at the cubicle beside you espcially if it’s in the afternoon because a little sun shines thru the window. then the therapist arrived and asked me if it was my first time. i said no para naman hindi ako lokohin…first time sa cubao na spada kunwari na try ko na yung sa pasay pero joke joke lng yun. so he did the usual head to toe massage and he was then concentrating on my groin area. my therapist’s name was arjay or JR i think, i kept asking his name but it realy didnt register. i did a little interview and he made kwento he’s like isang tanong isang sagot. he said na he was from spada pasay before and he transferred to cubao and mejo matagal na daw sya. yet he said he’s 22 pero mukha na syang late 20′s for me.he’s chubby with facial hair around 5’5in in height. he knows how to masage but again i have high standards pero siguro for the others he’ll pass but for me so-so lang. na relax naman ako kaso mejo kulang pa. let’s proceed to the linngam at first pa daplis daplis lang sa groin then he started fondling with my balls. take note naka dapa pako nito and ang sarap grabe. buti nalang nag mary palmer ako the day before para mag unload kasi if not right there and then mag squirt nako. and yes i was able to control it. i was frickin hard adn stiff and it was soooooo.o good but again mind over matter i should not give in. then nagulat ako sabi niya “sir tuwad ka po” nagaising ako bigla and was like “ano ?” then he said tuwad ka po sir. which i obliged then again fondle here and he started yankking it and jerking it and was concentrated sa head. which tumitirik na mata ko sa sarap and L na L nako. then pinatihaya na niya ako and placed me iin a lithotomy position (naka taas yung legs na parang manganganak position) hayun he made himud my singit and yanked it and groped the shaft and while doing so he made circular motions sa head ng dick ko and i was moaning kaso nahihiya ako mag moan ng malakas kasi nga may client sa katabi kong cubicle. then he uttered “sir release na ba kayo” i said yes, then was like magkano? sabi niya kayo po, and i satrted sa 300, tiningnan ko kung papayarg. baba daw masyado 750 he quoted sabi ko OA naman parang handjob 750 agad para daw may pangkain siya. i said no and stcuk to my SRP sa mga handjob sa ibang spa 500php ..i drew the line theere. and he agreed. hayun i squirted as he contineud to do the linggam and shhit. hindi handjob ginawa sakin talagang minamasahe niya yung shat na sobrang sarap pala.sabi ko kulang nalang romansa at PASOK NA SA BANGa. hayun kahit nagpalabas ako the previous night dami ko padin sinabog. then he proceeded with the head massage which was relaxing too. he gave me time after the massage to cool down and said he’ll be back in 5mins after. then he got his materials pagbalik niya body wash na. first ko mapaliguan ng masseur and i enjoyed it naman. thing is i may mali sa kanya he groped his dick and super liit pala. mas malaki pa akin. maybe because chubby sya or hindi gifted pero siguro nasa 3in lang mejo disappointed ako. but overall…satisfied

    AMBIENCE: 8/10 mejo kailangan makapal na kurtina gamitin

    facilities: 8/10 lockers should have own locks not padlocks

    price: 7/10 i had to pay extra since i used my card 1250php to 1396php which i dnt know the reason bakit may addtional.

    therapist: arjay/jr

    looks 6/10 chubby(as in may tiyan), facial hair, 5ft’5in lang siguro sya.

    attitude: 7/10 lacks interpersonal and communication skills gusto ko yung makwento and maloko na therapist. minus points yung nanghihihngi ng 750. too much yun edi sana bumalik nalang ako sa seven senses spa (base spa ko). pero mabait naman sya. he was like “sir maliit lang yan hindi mo makikita kelangan pa hanapin sa gubat” which is really true hahaha.

    massage: 8.5/10 relaxing naman yet again i have high standards. kulang pa sa pindot at diin…

    linggam masage: 10/10 ANG SARAP TUMIRIK MATA KO :D

    possibility of me coming back: yes. because the spa i go to (seven senses spa) does only dukot and a little fondling…unlike linggam concentrated tlga sa genitals which is relaxing and sensual. pero kelangan nila ng gwapo masahista mejo chaka yung nakuha ko. so if u know any masseur in spada cubao na gwapo na magaling na hindi kelangan hanapin yung tool sa forest then kindly recommend pls. and kung anong shift yugn masseur para mapuntahan ko. :D

    theo is no longer connected to spada kasi nga daw ni therapist dami daw niya utang sa mga kapwa masahista niya amounting to 32k all in all..hayun…

    hope u liked my FR

    • Joeschmoe, thanks for your review! nakaka aliw naman. Sobrang detalyado. Salamat din at na gustuhan mo rin duon. Im sure mapapakinabangan ng mga readers ang review mio. So, wala na pala si Theo duon. Kaya naman pala. Very nice info. So ayan na Guys! Wala na si Theo sa SPADA! but apparently may magaling na Therapist! thanks ulit Joeschmoe! ;)

  27. joeschmoe said:

    hi, ive a question. ive never been to spada spa and im really curious in getting the linggam massage. however, im not quite sure if it also involves the whole body massage. id really like to have the linggam but i want a whole body massage as well, so is ithe linggam there inclusive of the whole body massage? or should i just get the FHM? what can u suggets so i could have the best of both worlds?

  28. ForeignerGuy said:

    I decided to try this spa. I’m an expat living in the Philippines. I went during the day.

    First off, the masseur I was assigned was not very good looking. I know that most of the good looking ones work at night, so I was not surprised.

    Playing like I was new, I asked the lady working the front desk what the difference between an FHM and a Linggam massage was. She told me that the Linggam was much better, that it involved a “prostate” massage (her words). I decided to avail of that service.

    The spa was pretty clean. I would rate it a 6/10.

    The “body scrub” wasn’t like the body scrubs you get in other spas…it was pretty much a shower…in which you get washed by the masseur. It was definitely an experience…I enjoyed it. It wasn’t very sensual. The masseur was very brisk. Doesn’t anyone know that sensual = slow?? But, overall, I wish I could have that sort of shower every day. Contrary to other experiences listed here, my masseur was fully clothed during the massage.

    The massage itself was ok. However, again, it was not sensual. Near the end of the massage, the masseur transitioned into what I hoped was the “sensual” portion. This involved a leg massage where he brushed up against my groin a few times. Lasted about 5 minutes, after which point he asked if I wanted extra service.

    This is the point that I was pissed. So much for dropping the extra cash on a Linggam massage. This was NOT a linggam massage at ALL. Spada needs to Google LINGGAM massage and stop ripping people off. This may have been a really bad FHM massage…but you by definition can’t do a linggam massage without touching the penis. I was expecting the ES request to be about release…not that I would have to pay to have ANY sort of servicing.

    I’m a sucker for the finish though, so I paid the cash for the ES. The ES was pretty decent, and it was nice to have a nice hot towel cleanup afterwards.

    Overall, I wouldn’t go back. There are much better options out there that are cheaper with better service.

  29. hi po miss.OLGA ?can you send me the nom.of theo?this is my nom.09288075570.I want to FUCK him po kc,and will pay nman po!I am a bottom frm sta,mesa.manila.thank U.

  30. I just want 2 ask Olga if Spada Cubao offers an extra service? coz I’ve been there last Feb.14 and npncn ko n may nkapost sa dressing room nila n wLang extra service n gngwa dun, kya d nko ngtanong sa ngmasahe skn although maganda ung ngmasahe skn.. r they offering an extra service there?

  31. Marc Lavaro said:

    Hello gusto ko din shre Un experience ko SA isang Spa malayo SA Cubao pero malapit SA Novaliches, Sm Fairview, Lagro at Zabarte… Maayos Ang Spa at medyo malayo SA Hiway kasi papasok Kamsa isang village North Olympus Un st at Bethlehem… I first tried Un spa last December and natuwa Ako kasi sa Bethlehem st Ang pupuntahan ko… May nag refer kasi sakin Na may LINGAM dun at walang bumubulong syo n extra service tlaga ng kasama SA menu nila Un Medical Lingam… SA halatang 800 bong gang masahe Ang gnawa sakin… Tapos SA dulo ay may kakaibang sensual massage Un Ang climax ng masahe n may points pa pala Ito… Naku diko alam n SA excitement ko makakarating Ako ng langit ng Ganun katindi… Ang Maganda SA LINGAM nila talagang Medical approach Bakit? Kasi Ang erection ko matindi tatlong araw Ako n inuutugan agad…Un Ang 1st time ko n LINGAM Massage Na totoo Hindi Un bibirahan k ng Jackoff session Lang… Satisfied and I went there pag feel k magpalabas ng init… SA galling ng masahista ko nagtitip Ako ng bongga para SA knila… Eto name ng spa: PANACEA WELLNESS SPA tapes landline nila 3999722 at mobile naman 09228771779/09228771776 ….

    • Marc Lavaro, thanks for sharing your experience. Seems to me, talagang nag enjoy ka. If the Lingam gave you that lasting effect, it makes me want to go there now. I want to try that Spa and perhaps feature it here as well. Salamat talaga. I will definitely try that out. Thanks for visiting The Karug Gallery. ;)

  32. spa at sta mesa manila.Venue to relax and indulge. They offer all types of massage and reflexology, body scrubs and a Turkish bath. Home and Hotel services available. Attendants are all trained, skilled and good looking male 0917-559-99-29

  33. How much do Theo ask for the ES? Can you e-mail me his number? Did he still work there?

    • Andrew, thanks for dropping by. I gave me 500. About his number naman, I actually stopped sending out THEO’S number for the meantime because the last time I checked, his number is already out of service. I also tried calling the receptionist of SPADA to inquire about THEO’S shift but the Receptionist said he does not know who THEO is. I am assuming that maybe the Receptionist is new and doers not know THEO yet. Anyway, just try visiting him at SPADA WELLNESS CENTER in 15th Avenue sa Cubao Quezon City or call the receptionist first CONTACT NUMBER: 029213487 ask if Theo is available. maybe you’ll get lucky. I’ll be updating everyone as soon as I am able to get hold of THEO’S number again. Thanks for visiting my blog The Karug Gallery. ;)

  34. wow this looks cool, ang interesting si Theo ah! can you send his contacts on my email? And do you have any experience in the Spada branch at Pasay? thanks!

    • JJ, you could try this one: 09162117964. Though I’m not sure if that is still active. The last time I tried that number kasi unattended na. I haven’t been there again to get his number. Or you could also call the reception muna and check if Theo is available. Their landline is: 029213487. Thanks for visiting Karug Gallery! ;)

  35. love reading this blog… very helpful.

    un neighbor nmin n straight dito sa camella pasig napapayag ko mka one night almost same price din binayad ko. i guess straight guys will say yes as long as may money involve.. i lyk reading ur experiences, thnx 4 sharing..

  36. krispy kreme said:

    hi im new sa karug gallery and everybody seems to be talking about Theo, can I ask for his number as well, please email me at Thanks

  37. hi olga, pwedeng pa email sa e-address ko yung picture ni theo together w/ his #?tnx

    • Rey, you could try this one: 09162117964. Though I’m not sure if that is still active. The last time I tried that number kasi unattended na. I haven’t been there again to get his number. Or you could also call the reception muna and check if Theo is available. Their landline is: 029213487.

  38. nag seservice ba rin yong mga female therapist ng fhm at lingam massage?

  39. hi, this is arnel gusto ko sana ng bondage massage. ask ko lang kung pwede irequest yon sa therapist… bondage massage yong minamasahahe habang nakatali sa bed

    • Arnel, ewan ko lang kung puwede yan sa Spada. Pero try mo yung ibang lalaki sa MAIN PAGE ng Karug Gallery. Meron duong mga Masseur na may contact number. Baka payad sila sa Bondage Masage. ;)

  40. may female therapist ba na may extra service

  41. Gusto ko sana mag try kaya lang baka biglang mag raid kasi may es e

  42. Hindi ba bawal yan?

  43. Jayson Pagdanganan said:


    Im interested with Theo. I hope you could share his number to me. Send me a text at 09178343583

    See yah..

    • Jayson, you could try this one: 09162117964. Though I’m not sure if that is still active. The last time I tried that number kasi unattended na. I haven’t been there again to get his number. Or you could also call the reception muna and check if Theo is available. Their landline is: 029213487. ;)

  44. Hi,

    Can i have the number of theo?

    Planning to visit by next week..

    Maraming salamat.

  45. Hi! can I have Theo’s Mobile number? can u send me thru mobile 09353780393 or email thanks

  46. Hi, just want to know, saan mas best? Pasay branch or Cubao? i’ll be back in manila by saturday and i want to try yung lingam or FHM… :) plsss po… pa forward na rin po number ni theo sakin… Thank you ;)

  47. may photo ba mga masahista sa spada?pasend nmn sa email ko din…

  48. hi olga, me too can i have theo’s number and pictures of the masseurs? thanks!

  49. hot_something2000 said:

    Hi Olga, can i have theo’s number and pictures of the masseurs there as well?
    here is my email address:

  50. ano ba ginagawa sa lingam? pinapasok ba yung anus?

  51. CuriousITGuy said:

    went there today and had fhm. di masyado magaling yung therapist. bago lang daw sya. tinanong kung gusto ko magpalabas and he priced at 800 but we agreed at 500. sabi ko dahan dahan at madali akong labasan.sinunod naman nya. so there’s my happy ending. was not able to get his name though. he needs more practice with massage.

  52. pls txt me theo’s number thnx a lot….09185074032

  53. I happened to drop by there this afternoon and decided to try the Lingam massage they offer inclusive of body wash. I was hesitant then in trying it because of some comments I read here. But still, I pushed thru on my plans.

    As I entered the center, i never thought that there will be a “receiving area” to welcome all clients. Walking further will reach the receptionist’s table. The receptionist smiling asked immediately if I’m a first-timer in their center and I quickly answered “in the branch” (I already have tried Spada in Pasay, that’s why). She haven’t asked what I got from Pasay but instead immediately offered their “best-seller” for all men *daw*, which is again the Lingam Massage. Few moments of “thinking” (showing my curiosity to the receptionist), i opted to try it.

    Cutting it short, “Angelo” (the name printed on his therapist shirt, though I never asked names of my therapist) escorted me all the way to a cubicle where I changed into a robe, into my locker, into the massage area and to the shower room. He just folded his pants and never removed any of his garments. The body wash is just very simple. He just bathed me. Finish. Though we had some conversation. *I don’t usually talk to my therapist*

    Massage was good. The Lingam massage thing is good; however, there is a slight difference from I have experienced in Pasay. Further, when I laid on my back and started again on my groin, he whispered if I would want to “release”. Hesitation from my mind arose. I waited him to price it before I made my decision. I just said YES when said “Kayo na [pong] bahala.” There is still hesitation in my mind, though, still I gave into it. “Bahala na” was on my mind then. There it goes. The happy ending really ended. He wiped my body with a hot towel, afterwards left me to fix myself saying “Hintayin ko na lang po kayo sa baba.”

    Done with everything, including putting on my shoes again. I just gave Angelo 200 pesos, hesitantly. I actually asked kung “ok” ang amount na 200 pesos (then I somehow reasoned out, which I guess he never understood clearly). When he said, “ok” (actually, it wasn’t also clear to me if its really alright), I just handed him the 200pesos, he never complained at all. Sighed. Relief! LOL. The receptionist asked how was it, i just gave her a nod and said twas ok at all. I asked for a water, well, still Angelo was the one who gave me.

    Verdict: Hmmm, incomparable! But since I’m from Tondo, I don’t know when I’ll be back again. Sa Pasay na lang, LRT away lang from here. Hehehe…

    Happy New Year!

    • TONDOboy, nice to know that you have positive feedback! I guess depende talaga sa Therapist. Some are kind naman. Angelo deserve an applause for not being too money hungry if I may say. Is the Pasay Branch okay too? Thanks for visiting Karug Gallery! Happy New Year! ;)

      • Pasay Branch is ok as well, been there 3x so far. (1) Spada massage (2) Lingam Massage [only] (3) FHM. All are relaxing and enticing. ^_^

        • TONDOboy, what is FHM? How is it different from Lingam?

          • FHM stands for For Him Massage. Hmm, how will describe it? Since I experienced Lingam before FHM, there’s not much difference at all. I mean, (as far as I can remember), the private parts are not that much given emphasis. You’ll just be aroused because of the sensation. However, the positions are almost the same with Lingam Massage. My therapist then almost touches it but definitely did not “do” it. sa Pasay, and I presume that it’s the same in Cubao, FHM [alone] is 500 pesos. That’s it.

  54. ano ba yung lingam massage?yung kc ang inoffer ngreceptionist sa akin kc first time ko pumunta dun kahapon….ano pinag kaiba ng lingam sa fhm?tnx

  55. hi galing ko kahapon sa spada short yung pera ko kaya d na lang ko tumuloy kumuha na lang ko ng Flyer (pamphlet)….

  56. how much yung massage + es?

    • Dragmeto, the massage with body scrub cost 1k. The es depends on you. I gave 5 hundred buck. Okay naman duon sa therapist. Wala naman siyang reklamo. So in total 1.5k ang budget. ;)

  57. Any picture ng mga nag mamasahe

  58. san ba yan banda try ko mag pamassage

  59. First Time Sa Spa said:

    Just got home from Spada Spa, so let me share my experience with Lingam Massage and the so called happy ending.

    First of all never ko pa natry magpa spa before, but since laging kong nadadaanan yung SPada sa Cubao nacurious ako.

    Around 4am na nun, i went in, nirecommend sakin agad yung Lingam so umOo nako, ang nakatawa dun kasi naman hindi ako talaga gay, curious lang(hehe) kaya yung receptionist mga 5 times pako tinanong kung babae ba o lalake as in parang ayaw nya maniwala na lalake ang sagot ko, hangang sa 3rd floor tinatong pa nya talaga ulet ako. Wahahahaha

    So anyway, yung massage therapist was cute, naturally born cute may dating medyo syempre pang low end na kgwapuhan but still cute. Ang dating nya sakin parang he’s just in it for the money(well obviously) masyado halata sa way ng pagBody wash nya sakin e and all,

    I’d rate the massage as 2.5 out of 5, kasi i was tired so i didnt know whether narelax ba talaga ko o i was just tired. Puro himas himas na madiin kaya di ko naappreciate.


    I made a mistake, pinatuwad nya ko for Lingam and i gently groped him so parang na bait nako na mag all the way. So feeling ko nirush na nya na maghappy ending at macharge ako ng Php500(sabi pa nya Php750). The way ng pagmasturbate pa nya minadali pa so hindi ako masyado nasarapan. I just made up for it by groping him too, tinigasan sya so he was enjoying it too. Let me just say im bigger and cuter than him (humility aside) so feeling ko parang ako pa nga lugi dun.

    Lingam massage was only for a few minutes for me then proceed na sa happy ending,

    Sa inyo ba how long was the Linggam massage?

    I ended up paying Php1800.00 (Php1250 daw Lingam e walang panukli kaya 1300) + Php500 for the mediocre happy ending.

    Verdict: Di na cguro ko babalik dun, Di na rin cguro ko magpapamassage with happy ending kung ganun lang din naman. Consolation na lang na cute yung masseur pero feeling ko nholdup akothe whole experience wasnt worth Php1000 talaga . HEHE. I’ll just charge everything to experience tutal first time ko e. XD

  60. If my understanding are correct, you get to pay for the the lingam massage rate of 1,200 and there will be an extra payment on top of it if you wish to release the jizz and a tip is your feel like, is that right? Thanks. I just wanna share my exprience with their site in Cubao. It was my first time to have tried this kind of massage and was really curious how it would go so I opt for the FHM, a 700 value and damn I am really surprised that when you go to the showers they would bathe you and do the scrub. I didn’t catch the name of the therapist although he is very good, like he asks if this feels the right pressure or whatnot and takes time to do it evenly. He’s a big lad, kinda of a bouncer look, cropped hair and when we had finish the back massage he then went to start the front and may I add he’s really adept and had my bird angry so quickly as a strike of relaxation I didn’t bother because I had it in my mind that I guess it is the effect of the pampering. After a while he pulled me in closer and said, Sir eto po yung FHM and I have to say hands down. It really felt wicked, and made me heaps of precum. Then he asked if I like to go try the Lingam, however I had a tight budget that time and don’t have any extra so I opt not to take it. He asked me if I want hot towels and gave me some. I really enjoyed the treatment and gave a hundred pesos for tip.

    • Peter Parker said:

      Just had a massage at spada and it was theo who massaged me. I had fhm massage before in both Cubao and Buendia branches and theo’s was really different! But didn’t go all the way because I really wanted a good massage and got it. Maybe next time hehe.

    • Lazyboy, thanks for sharing your experience. Yes, Lingam massage is when they Massage you on those area. Extra Service is when the Therapist go all the way until you cum Thanks for dropping by Karug Gallery. ;)

  61. is this true…. oh my GEE!!!! hehehe…. ♥♥♥

  62. Hi,
    May i have theo’s number? You can send it to my email o txt me. 0921-3578717.


    • Hi Nico, I stopped sending out THEO’S number for the meantime because the last time I checked his number, it is already out of service. I also tried calling the receptionist of SPADA to inquire about THEO’S shift but the Receptionist said he does not know THEO. I am assuming that maybe the Receptionist is new. Anyway, just try visiting him at SPADA WELLNESS CENTER in 15th Avenue sa Cubao Quezon City or call the receptionist first CONTACT NUMBER: 029213487 ask if Theo is available. maybe you’ll get lucky. I’ll be updating everyone as soon as I am able to get hold of THEO’S number again. Thanks for visiting my blog The Karug Gallery.

  63. could i get the no. of theo? n does he do dll d way? do u have his pic? n how much u pay?

    • Andy, I stopped sending out THEO’S number for the meantime because the last time I checked his number, it is already out of service. I also tried calling the receptionist of SPADA to inquire about THEO’S shift but the Receptionist said he does not know THEO. I am assuming that maybe the Receptionist is new. Anyway, just try visiting him at SPADA WELLNESS CENTER in 15th Avenue sa Cubao Quezon City or call the receptionist first CONTACT NUMBER: 029213487 ask if Theo is available. maybe you’ll get lucky. I’ll be updating everyone as soon as I am able to get hold of THEO’S number again. Thanks for visiting my blog The Karug Gallery.

  64. I’m curious as to how Theo do the massage.. With ES of course. Can you give me his number.. Thanks in advance.

    • Marlon, he does it so well that you’ll end up remembering it for a long time! However, I stopped sending out THEO’S number for the meantime because the last time I checked his number, it is already out of service. I also tried calling the receptionist of SPADA to inquire about THEO’S shift but the Receptionist said he does not know THEO. I am assuming that maybe the Receptionist is new. Anyway, just try visiting him at SPADA WELLNESS CENTER in 15th Avenue sa Cubao Quezon City or call the receptionist first CONTACT NUMBER: 029213487 ask if Theo is available. maybe you’ll get lucky. I’ll be updating everyone as soon as I am able to get hold of THEO’S number again. Thanks for visiting my blog The Karug Gallery.

  65. Rene Gallardo said:

    Can you send Theo’s number sa 09283971790. Thanks…wanna try it pagbalik ko jan Manila sa Dec.

    • Hi Rene, I stopped sending out THEO’S number for the meantime because the last time I checked his number, it is already out of service. I also tried calling the receptionist of SPADA to inquire about THEO’S shift but the Receptionist said he does not know THEO. I am assuming that maybe the Receptionist is new. Anyway, just try visiting him at SPADA WELLNESS CENTER in 15th Avenue sa Cubao Quezon City or call the receptionist first CONTACT NUMBER: 029213487 ask if Theo is available. maybe you’ll get lucky. I’ll be updating everyone as soon as I am able to get hold of THEO’S number again. Thanks for visiting my blog The Karug Gallery.

  66. hi can you send me also theo`s number? hindi ba nakakatakot kasi first time eh. :)

    • Hi there! I stopped sending out THEO’S number for the meantime because the last time I checked, his number is already out of service. I also tried calling the receptionist of SPADA to inquire about THEO’S shift but the Receptionist said he does not know THEO. I am assuming that maybe the Receptionist is new. Anyway, just try visiting him at SPADA WELLNESS CENTER in 15th Avenue sa Cubao Quezon City or call the receptionist first CONTACT NUMBER: 029213487 ask if Theo is available. maybe you’ll get lucky. I’ll be updating everyone as soon as I am able to get hold of THEO’S number again. Thanks for visiting my blog The Karug Gallery.

  67. Hi can you send me also theo’s number? i want to try their services. thanks!

  68. Hi! Can you also send Theo’s number pls? I am planning to go there one of these days. You can send his number here in my mobile. 09167129234 and would you know what time his shift is? Thanks! :)

  69. Can you leave Theo’s number at Thanks. :)

  70. hi, can u send me theo’s number? please. thanks.

  71. Hey, pasend naman ako nang number ni theo sa email. thanks!

  72. Hi Olga, can i have Theo’s # pls? Thanks!

  73. Hi Olga…I wanted to experience that Linggam Massage..How much it would cost + tip for extra can send me Theo’s number (though I don’t him yet) here’s my email

  74. Please send me Theo’s number…

  75. Hi po. can i have theo’s digit. here my email Bale 1200 lahat lahat na po ba o seperate pa yung tip? kasama po ba sa 1hr yung body wash? thanks po

  76. Hi there. Can I also have theo number? This is my first time and just wanted to make sure it’s worth every penny.

  77. can i have his no. how much yung tip na binigay mo? first time ko pupunta sa spa with extra servce. thanks

  78. hi..could i also ask for theo’s number?pls email here: many thanks..more power..;)

  79. Just wanted to share my experience…I was there a few hours ago… Asked for Theo but the guy in the reception told me he’s already out. He assigned “NASH” (if I remember his name correctly) to be my therapist. He’s a chubby guy and was seated in the lobby watching TV. I said “okay.”

    So, I stripped down to my birth suit, put my clothes, wallet and phone inside a locker then he led me to the third floor. Massage-wise, it was great. I only go to one certain spa – which, I’m really fond of. A spa WITHOUT the “extra services.” My experience with Spada was a first. First time I “tried” to have an ES as well.

    I’m not sure if the problem’s with the masseur but when that part came (where the masseur pulls first your left then right leg up then massage your privates… Well, mine got excited, naturally, but there was something “lacking,” if you know what I mean. Like he’s not into what he’s doing and he didn’t really know “how” and “where” to touch to make you feel good.

    Well, to cut the story short, when he made me lie down on my back to “do” my front, he asked me “i-rerelease po ba natin, sir?” He didn’t say anything else, so I said “okay.” Then, he said, “sige na sir, 800 lang dagdag.” Obviously, I told him it’s okay if I don’t “release” anymore. He kept on “massaging” my shaft lowering his price up to 500. I thought to myself, “oh well, fine, just to make him stop whining.” So I told him to go with it. At that point, I was really felt a bit offended and harrassed – in a way. It was really hard at first but well, eventually, I can’t do it cause I was really pissed. He even said “Tagal pala nito lumabas sir. Ikaw nalang kaya?” He even smudged some oil on my lowed abdomen and said loudly “nilabasan ka na yata sir eh.” I told him it’s precum and we should just stop. I was really feeling bad at that point. Parang nagdadabog narin kasi sya. Then he just told me “Gusto mo pa ba ng hot towel sir. Teka lang ha.” He wiped me down half-heartedly, led me downstairs to get dressed.

    Finally, when I was putting my shoes on, he stood right in front of me, in front of the washroom door, I think and as I was about to go out, he said “Sir, wala ka bang ibibigay na tip dyan?” I was so taken aback, surprised of what he just asked me and the way he asked the question. Just to settle things, I gave him a hundred to shut him up. I live really near the place and I don’t want any trouble anyway. Lesson learned and curiosity satisfied.

    Please avoid that masseur, “NASH,” if you don’t want to be harrassed for tips.
    Anyway, lesson learned; Curiosity satisfied. I don’t think I’ll go back there.

    Sorry for flooding your wall, Olga! Just wanted to share my experience.

    • LR, I am really so sorry to hear about the bad experience you got from SPADA. :( Don’t worry now, this feedback would surely be made known to the management.

      • Thanks, Olga. No worries, though. His hand pressure for the massage was okay. I just didn’t quite feel relaxed, if you know what I mean. I felt like the massage was rushed “just to be done with it” per se, unlike when I go to my usual spa in Libis.
        It was an okay-okay experience. I wanted to experience the difference between my usual massage and Lingam and well, I do now – only difference is the therapist grabs and massages your privates and that’s it. It’s okay though. Now I know and that’s a lot better than not knowing, right? I was just thinking to myself last night saying “Damn! I could’ve gotten two hours of Swedish and Aromatherapy massage for 740, an hour of foot massage for 250 and the rest as tip for my personal therapist.”
        Oh well, what’s done is done. I just wish I was able to get Theo instead. Maybe there’s a difference, maybe there’s none. Nevertheless, It was a learning experience for me so still, thanks a bunch, Olga! You’re the best for helping-out! Cheers! :-)

        • LR, thanks for sharing your experience too! I’m sure other readers will learn from it. And thanks for visiting Karug Gallery, I hope to see you drop by again sometime. By the way, I would assume that had it been Theo who did your Lingam, it would have made a big difference. Hehehehehe. Cheers and GOD bless! ;)

        • you know what LR i have experienced the same actual thing. nagpalit lang siya ng pangalan. i lost 2000 pesos for that stupid massage. imagine.

  80. Im searching also for a spa like that .
    my mga frend ako n mga tga n.e. ngpapahanap sila sakin ng spa i can recommend siguro ito base n rin for yr atory i hope u can give the number of theo tnx and god bless

    hope to see you there too

  81. Hello. Could you send me Theo’s number please? Thanks! I got curious about this Lingam massage because of your review. LOL

  82. send me his number

  83. can i have his number as well sir?thanks

  84. Nice blog I’m really turned On! Can you email me Theo’s number?

  85. sandro ortiz said:

    hey olga can i get theo’s number?

  86. OLGA!!! i love ur blog so much! Anyway, can i have theo’s number?

  87. hi can u email me theos number and do you have his pic? thanks… :)

    • Bry, sure will do! ;)

    • Bry, not a problem! ;)

      • i went there nung 10/28/12 but teo wasnt there… naabutan ata ako ng cutoff kaya new arrival ung therapist ko names ANGELO.. ok naman sya sa lingam massage and body wash worth 1200.. akala ko nga body scrub un, body wash lang pla.. anyway it was a nice experience though.. body wash muna kami den massage.. ok naman sya mag massage, inuna nya ung back and thighs… nagustuhan ko ung part na i was lying face down he raised my legs reaching my balls and gently pressing my groins.. then of course sa front part after ng feet and legs balik na sya sa groin area and balls now pati si mighty meaty ko kasama na and he simultaneously massaged and rubbed it until its fully erect he asked me then kung itutuloy na nya.. mabait naman kasi di sya nagpresyo he said ako na daw bahala sa kanya.. so i said yes and give it a try… galing nya sa part na un.. very sensual.. and ang dami nyang naproduce.. in the end i gave him 350 ok lang daw.. and i went home still aroused kaya di ko napigilan magpalabas ulit sa bahay and i will surely go back but i wanna try theo this time.. Thanks

        • Hi Bry! I am very happy to hear about your nice experience there! Ang sarap ng linggam mo? Next time look for Theo! He is really good! ;)

        • Hello Bry. Were you able to get Angelo’s number? I’m not quite sure if I can call in for a reservation and request for a therapist as with other regular spas though… Or if we should text them first then go to the spa??

          • LR, you can either call opr text for reservation. Or you could also just walk in. ;)

            • ANGELO was my therapist (I just saw the name printed on his shirt). Like your story, “bahala na daw [kayo]“. Ashamed to tell BUT PROUD to say as well that I JUST gave him 200 pesos but he never complained. Well, matagal na siguro ako babalik sa Cubao, malayo in my part, I’m from Tondo eh.

              • TONDOboy, when I visited before, wala akong name plate or tag na nakita. But they introduced themselves naman. Okay lang namang if 200 bucks lang ibinigay mo kay Angelo. I’m sure any amount is welcome. Besides, may kita na sila dun sa bayad sa massage mismo. Ang layo mo nga. Tondo pa. What does Angelo look like? ;)

  88. can i get theo’s number?

  89. hi! can u send me Theo’s number? I also want to experience the touch of Theo.. thanks!

  90. Hi if possible i would also like Theo’s number, thanks so much for your review on the spa:D

  91. Na try ko kagabi si xian… ok naman pero nang iisa sila doon. pag nagpa fhm ka itatanong ka kng gsto mo iderecho sa lingam. then iba ung bayad sa fhm iba pa yung sa lingam iba pa yung ES nya inabot ako 2K

    • Yani, OMG! Di dapat ganun. Sino yung nasa reception? I will raise this issue to them.

      • Fhm kasi ang sinabi ko sa receptionist and then pagdating sa taas, nung minamassage na ako tinanong ako ni xian if I want na iderecho sa lingam. Sabi nya 1200 daw un. Then sabi ko sige. Then after nun tinanung n nmn ako kng gsto ko mgpa ES 1500 dw lahat lahat. Nung bumaba na ako, mgbabayad ako sa receptionist ng 400 kasi nga nag pa upgrade ako, pinigilan ako ni xian sabi nya sa knya ko dw ibbgy ung 1200 then 300 ES equals 1500. So 1500 plus 800 2300 inabot ko. 1st time ko kasi mgpa massage don and mgpa ES. So hndi na ako bblik don kasi ganun sila.

  92. Hi. Would you be able to send me Theo’s number? Thanks!

  93. hi can u send theo’s number in my email add THANKS

    • Hi Mod, Sure I will! ;)

      • thanks

        • Mod, my pleasure! Thanks for dropping by! ;)

          • Pasend naman ng number ni theo 09175663086 and magkano lahat magagastos from massage to ES . Thanks. Love ur blog.

            • Hi CarL, I sure will send you his number. I can’t remember na exactly how much I paid eh. But the massage with whole body scrub was around 1.5k. Then I gave Theo 500 for his ES. It was worth it naman. Pero warning my friend, I’ve been getting negative feedback regarding a masseur in SPADA named XIAN. Paki iwasan na lang muna siya. ;)

              • hi olga di mo pa nasend sakin ung number ni theo. here’s my number again 09175663086. thanks a lot

                • Hi Carl, I stopped sending out THEO’S number for the meantime because the last time I checked his number, it is already out of service. I also tried calling the receptionist of SPADA to inquire about THEO’S shift but the Receptionist said he does not know THEO. I am assuming that maybe the Receptionist is new. Anyway, just try visiting him at SPADA WELLNESS CENTER in 15th Avenue sa Cubao Quezon City or call the receptionist first CONTACT NUMBER: 029213487 ask if Theo is available. maybe you’ll get lucky. I’ll be updating everyone as soon as I am able to get hold of THEO’S number again. Thanks for visiting my blog The Karug Gallery.

  94. hi oLgA, appreciate if you could send me theo’s no. .please text me to this no 09497649070..thanks a mil.

  95. Thank u nga pala sa posts mu, nagpunta ako dun kanina masarap naman, kaso ung jasper ung nagaasist ok naman balak kong bumalik, can i ask theo’s nbr.

  96. Thanks!! i think ito yung malapit sa ALI Mall.. hmm

  97. this is the one near Edsa ayt???
    before reaching Cubao station..?

  98. can i ask for number of theo.

  99. hey can I ask for theo’s no? Just email it to me…

  100. hi. can i have theo’s digits too? thanks. i’m planning to have a massage this weekend. :)

  101. Hi! Can you please email theo’s number to me as well? Thank you

  102. Hi! Can i at least choose a female therapist?

  103. hi please email me theo’s number thank you thanks

  104. hi girl, i normally try services through friend’s referral but after reading ur review, it seems to be worth a try. may i have Theo’s number please. u can send it to my email

  105. hi. can i have Theo’s number? hehe. here’s my email address: thanks. does Theo have an FB account? thanks again.

  106. simpleone said:

    never had done “happy ending”. is it really all the way? may i ask for theo’s number? im planning to try spada since i passby tuazon most of the time… ill try it after work…

  107. Enticing to ah.. Can you send theo’s number to my email as well? Great blog btw.

  108. Hi! Very nice blog. Can I also have Theo’s number? Thanks.

  109. Lorenzo Yu said:

    I want to try this when I get back to Manila. Can I have Theo’s number? Thanks. My email is

  110. btw, my email is,

  111. i will be going back to the philippines after a long time working overseas and i would love to get a nice,deserving massage, can you send me theo’s number? please :)

  112. Pls send me theo’s number or txt me his number at 09175556346

  113. hello can i have theos number? pls forwaard it to my number 09168338545…tnx a lot

  114. Hi! Your review of this spa is really helpful. May I know the number of Theo, I would also like to experience his service. And how much did you spend for all the service you availed including your extra tip to Theo. Thank you very much and hope to hear from you.

    • Jon, Thanks for dropping by. The massage costs 800 php then an extra 500 php for Theo. Sure thing. I’ll email Theo’s number to you. ;)

      • please give me the number of Theo, i want also to try him…thanks

        • Raven, About THEO of Spada Wellness Center, I stopped sending out his number for the meantime because the last time I checked his number, it is already out of service. I also tried calling the receptionist of SPADA to inquire about THEO’S shift but the Receptionist said he does not know THEO. I am assuming that maybe the Receptionist is new. Anyway, just try visiting him at SPADA WELLNESS CENTER in 15th Avenue sa Cubao Quezon City or call the receptionist first CONTACT NUMBER: 029213487 ask if Theo is available. maybe you’ll get lucky. I’ll be updating everyone as soon as I am able to get hold of THEO’S number again. Thanks for visiting my blog The Karug Gallery.

  115. busujima said:

    that spa is for gays

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