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Hari ng Pilipinas 2013 Richard
His name is Richard! He is one of the 27 candidates in Hari ng Pilipinas 2013. Here in The Karug Gallery he will be given the title: Datu Sumakwel Karug. This is Part 2 of Hari ng Pilipinas 2013 Edition featuring my personal favorites in the said Prestigious National Male Pageant. Photo credits by Mr Ash Reginald Evasco. Datu is the title for chiefs, sovereign princes, and monarchs in the Visayas and Mindanao Regions of the Philippines. It was said that in the 12th century, 10 datus loaded their balangays with their families, warriors, slaves and supplies and sailed in the cover of night. They secretly left Borneo to flee the tyranny of Rajah Makatunaw. These 10 Datus sailed north and landed on the southern tip of Panay, near present day San Joaquin, Iloilo. From there they traveled inland, met some natives, befriended and won the trust of the people, and later on became rulers of some parts of the Philippines. Richard could be the present day Datu Sumakwel, one of the 10 Datus! Anyway, here now is my score for Richard as Datu Sumakwel Karug: Face Value: 10 points, Body Shot: 10 points, Happy Trail: 9 points, Datu Meter: 10 points. I am in love with his fierce looking eyes! Overall Score: 9.75!