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Let’s call him Ivan Orioste! Here in Karug Gallery he will be known as Romeo Karug. He is a P Valera Model and a BoyToy for Hire. This is Locker Room Boys Edition by Mr Jayd Ramos. If given the chance, I would love to see Ivan wearing only his maong shorts inside the locker room. Ivan is one Libidinous Guy that I would want to spend my wet cold night with. I want him to be my Romeo! According to The Free Dictionary By Farlex; Romeo means: A man who is devoted to lovemaking or the pursuit of love. Anyway, here now is my critique for Ivan as Romeo Karug: Face Value: 10 points, Body Shot: 10 points, Happy Trail: 10 points, Locker Meter: 10 points! Also A Perfect Score! He is the man, right? I love his very fresh aura. He looks young and yummy. I love whatever it is that he is doing with his tongue. It’s very sexy. I love the tattoo. I love his thin happy trail. I love his pubic hair. I love his sexy man nipples. I love his armpit hair. I love everything about Ivan!